An ultimate solaris 10 jumpstart profile

- solaris jumpstart

After years of pain playing with Solaris 10 Jumpstart’s package clusters, I took some time to build an ultimate install profile for Solaris 10.

The available packages clusters are :

I need a system where I could compile something without graphical interface! The SUNWCreq looks interesting but doesn’t include o lot of usefull day-to-day administration utilities. The next package clusters include way too many things : choosing them for packages like GCC, you finish with xscreensaver and Firefox !

I’ve just made a profile (by reading /var/sadm/system/admin/.clustertoc) wich include only the (quite) strict minimum, with the tools that any descent admin needs :

install_type initial_install

pool rpool auto 4g 1g mirror c0t0d0s0 c0t1d0s0

base cluster

cluster SUNWCreq

additional clusters and packages

cluster SUNWCacc add # System accounting utilities

cluster SUNWCadm add # System And Network Administration (showrev etc)

cluster SUNWCcpc add # CPU Performance Counter driver and utilities

cluster SUNWCcry add # Supplemental cryptographic modules and libraries

cluster SUNWCfcadb add # Fibre Channel Diagnostic Macro Software

cluster SUNWCfwcmp add # Freeware Compression Utilities (bzip zip zlib gzip)

cluster SUNWCfwshl add # Freeware Shells (bash tcsh zsh)

cluster SUNWCfwutil add # Freeware Other Utilities (gpatch less rpm)

cluster SUNWCgcc add # GNU binutilis, C compiler, m4 and make

cluster SUNWCged add # Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Software

cluster SUNWCjv add # JavaVM

cluster SUNWCjvx add # JavaVM (64-bit)

cluster SUNWCldom add # Solaris Logical Domains

cluster SUNWClibusb add # wrapper for libusb; user level usb ugen library

cluster SUNWClu add # Live Upgrade Software

cluster SUNWCntp add # Network Time Protocol

cluster SUNWCopenssl add # the classical super-old Solaris OpenSSL

cluster SUNWCpd add # PCI drivers

cluster SUNWCperl add # perl5

cluster SUNWCpm add # Power Management Software

cluster SUNWCpmgr add # Patch Manager Software

cluster SUNWCpool add # core software for resource pools

cluster SUNWCptoo add # Programming tools and libraries

cluster SUNWCrcapu add # Solaris Resource Capping Daemon

cluster SUNWCsma add # Solaris Management Agent (snmpd)

cluster SUNWCsndm add # Sendmail

cluster SUNWCssh add # Secure Shell Client/Server

cluster SUNWCts add # Solaris Trusted Extensions

cluster SUNWCudf add # Universal Disk Format File System

cluster SUNWCusb add # USB drivers and header files

cluster SUNWCutf8 add # en_US.UTF-8 locale support

cluster SUNWCvld add # Sun Ethernet Vlan Utility

cluster SUNWCvol add # Volume Management

cluster SUNWCwget add # GNU wget

cluster SUNWCzone add # Solaris Zones

cluster SUNWpiclu add # PICL Framework, Libraries, and Plugin Modules

cluster SUNWsmapi add # Storage Management APIs (

cluster SUNWtlsd add # Network Security Services Development

package SUNWtnetc add # telnet client

package SUNWarc add # Lint Libraries (usr)

package SUNWarcr add # Lint Libraries (root)

package SUNWman add # On-Line Manual Pages

package SUNWdoc add # Documentation Tools

package SUNWsfwhea add # Open Source header files

package SUNWtoo add # Programming Tools

package SUNWhea add # SunOS Header Files

package SUNWxcu4 add # XCU4 Utilities

package SUNWxcu4t add # XCU4 make and sccs utilities

package SUNWxcu6 add # XCU6 Utilities

package SUNWgcmn add # gcmn - Common GNU package

package SUNWggrp add # ggrep - GNU grep utilities

package SUNWgtar add # gtar - GNU tar

package SUNWuiu8 add # Iconv modules for UTF-8 Locale

package SUNWuium add # ICONV Manual pages for UTF-8 Locale

package SUNWulcf add # UTF-8 Locale Environment Common Files

package SUNWladm add # Locale Administrator (really optional)

package SUNWGlib add # GLIB - Library of useful routines for C programming

package SUNWPython-share add # python

package SUNWPython add # python

package SUNWfss add # Fair Share Scheduler

package SUNWscpr add # /usr/ucb tools

package SUNWscpu add # /usr/ucb tools

package SUNWrsg add # needed by sshd

package SUNWgssdh add # needed by sshd

package SUNWspnego add # needed by sshd

package SUNWbind add # host&dig

package SUNWlibmr add # Math & Microtasking Library Headers & Lint Files (Root)

package SUNWlibm add # Math & Microtasking Library Headers & Lint Files (Usr)

optional clusters and packages

#cluster SUNWCapache add # Apache 1.3.9

#cluster SUNWCapch2 add # Apache 2

#cluster SUNWCpostgr add # PostgreSQL

#cluster SUNWCpostgr-82 add # PostgreSQL 8.2

#cluster SUNWCdhcp add # DHCPv4 Services

#cluster SUNWCtcat add # Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container

#package SUNWmysqlr add # MySQL (Root)

#package SUNWmysqlu add # MySQL (User)

To be complete, after years using Sunfreeware or Blastwave packages, I discovered that Sun has made a little effort to include new GNU packages in its “Companion CD” (I used to throw it to the bin) like rsync, gawk, top, vim, nmap (and obviously GNU core utils) :

SFWaalib SFWctags SFWethrl SFWgcc2l SFWguile SFWltool SFWnmap SFWpnm2p SFWscrnbrltty SFWsquid SFWunison SFWxcpus SFWaconf SFWcurl SFWexpct SFWgcmn SFWgviz SFWlynx SFWnmh SFWprcml SFWsdic SFWsudo SFWunwin SFWxdelta SFWafio SFWcvs SFWfile SFWgd SFWimap SFWmpack SFWnpbm SFWrline SFWsdl SFWtclx SFWuudv SFWxfce SFWamake SFWddd SFWfltk SFWgdb SFWimlib SFWmpage SFWocaml SFWrpm SFWsed SFWtdmp SFWvim SFWxmacs SFWamnda SFWdiffu SFWfnlib SFWgfind SFWispel SFWmpeg SFWoggl SFWrsync SFWsgrep SFWterSFWvnc SFWxmcd SFWasclk SFWemacs SFWftchm SFWglob SFWjoe SFWmphp SFWoslp SFWruby SFWshar SFWtetex SFWvorbt SFWxmms SFWastep SFWenscr SFWfvwm SFWgplot SFWlablgtk SFWmutt SFWpcre SFWrxvt SFWslang SFWtnef SFWw3 SFWxpdf SFWbrl SFWespk SFWgawk SFWgroff SFWlibsane SFWmyjdb SFWpftpd SFWsane SFWslrn SFWtop SFWwmkr SFWxterm SFWcoreu SFWespks SFWgcal SFWgtxt SFWlpcap SFWncur SFWplotu SFWscrn SFWsnort SFWungif SFWxaw3d SFWyasr

…All linked against our olds (but still maintened!) solaris libs, like openssl 0.9.7 :-)

And to be complete you should also check the Glassfish Webstack packages wich contain everything for a *AMP platform (Apache 2.2, lighttpd, …)

OpenSolaris has a nice package repository but… without JET or jumpstart, at least for the moment !