Use Trac source browser with Jira

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Jira is a nice product for issue tracking linked to a SCM repository, yes it’s not free software but they provide a 5$ starter license for 5 users.

But Jira lacks of a part that trac is doing very well, source browser, in facts Atlassian provides one: Fisheye but it’s really expensive

Simply go to your Jira Administration, on the left click on Subversion Repositories (this menu appears after the installation of the subversion’s plugin).

Edit your SVN repository entry to match this:

Changeset Format: https://yourhost/projects/myproject/changeset/${rev}
File Added Format: https://yourhost/projects/myproject/browser/${path}?rev=${rev}
File Modified Format: https://yourhost/projects/myproject/changeset/${rev}/${path}

myproject is just the base url of a trac project which is configured to work from the root of the SVN repository.

from trac.ini

repository_dir = /opt/data/svn/repos/