Bitlbee: Slack, Hangouts & Facebook via IRC gateway

Having multiple clients to handle multiple networks is a mess, especially the Slack client which is really heavy and annoying.

Slack is deprecating its IRC gateway interface on May 15h 2018.

Bitlbee is an IRC server working as a gateway to different IMs.

Optionally Bitlbee can be compiled with LibPurple to support even more networks, like Slack and Hangouts.

Here are some notes for Slack, Facebook and Hangouts to be enabled with Bitlbee.


You need Slack for libpurple, compiled and installed, it will provide /usr/lib/purple-2/
Restart Bitlbee run, check with help purple you can see * slack (Slack).

account add slack
Create a Legacy token.
account slack set api_token xoxp-xxxxxxxxx
account slack on

Join an existing Slack channel:
chat add slack general then join #general

Hangouts, Gtalk

You need Hangouts for libpurple, AUR Arch it will provide /usr/lib/purple-2/

account add hangouts


You need Facebook for Bitlbee.

List existing group chats: fbchats facebook, sometimes it will only display older chats.

Look at the URL in your browser when clicking on a chat on, grab the id of the group chat and type the command:
chat add facebook 1393844480dd74 #myclub then join #myclub channel.

More Facebook commands.

Apply to all

Autojoining channel on connection:
channel myclub set auto_join true