Hacking Temperature Radio Sensors and Graphing with Prometheus

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One year ago I’ve started to collect temperature from my house using Acurite sensors.

Acurite outddor Acurite indoor

These sensors are not too expensive and good quality but the “base” aka the radio receiver connected to internet is costly and totally closed, it’s sending your data to the Cloud™, it’s not just Acurite, all those “IOT” devices are generally poor on the software side.

Receiving radio data

Most of these sensors have their protocols already reverse engineered you only need the radio receiver part.

RTL-SDR dongles to the rescue and a great community around it.

Prune998 and I have added some JSON support to the acurite driver and sent it to the projet.

Collecting and graphing the data

The last needed piece was something to collect the data and send to prometheus:

So I wrote a quick Go program to do exactly that Acurite to graph

Et voila, we can graph all sensors in our home.


It has been tested on OSX & Linux.