An amazing piece of electonic

- arduino

Sparkfun and others sell a 434Mhz transmitter and a receiver for €2.88 and €3.61.

This version receives at 2400bauds but there is a 4800 bauds version.

Simply connect the transmitter to an arduino pin then your are done (almost).

My first try was to follow the example from sparkfun, which simply read a value from the receiver:

// read in values, debug to computer
if (Serial.available() > 0) {
      incomingByte =;
      Serial.println(incomingByte, DEC);

This has collected a ton of garbage (without emitting).

The answer was to use OpenWire an amazing piece of software … that handles checksuming for you, just connect to your arduino pin 12 for TX, and 11 for RX then you are done !

This is working like a charm in all my house without requiring any antennas.

You can get all your Arduinos connected for less than 7€ !

PS: Sparkfun are great dealers this parts was missing in the first shipping they send it again in priority mail: 48 hours from USA to France ;)