Python 3.0 is out

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Python 3.0 is here.

Guido and others released Python 3.0, a major “backward” incompatible python release.

It was a necessary choice to remove many old libraries, rework the std library, and change some behaviour.

You can see it all in What’s new in Python 3.0.

print “toto”



old: “Name: %s” % “john”
new: “Name: {0}“.format(“john”)
old: “Names: %s %s” % (“John”,“Paul”)
new: “Names: {1} {0}“.format(“Paul”,“John”)
new named: “Names: {first_name} {family_name}“.format(family_name=“Dububu”, first_name=“Jacky”) * And the new IO library, which become the standard one

A 2to3 migration module could help you for this transition.